Sundays during the school year

6-7 p.m.

Methodist Youth Center

Dinner starts at 5:15 p.m. ($3 per person), so come spend time with friends!

[lit] logo

[lit] is our Sunday evening ministry program.

This is more than just a church experience. You can expect that you might not know what to expect. We get into God’s word, for sure, but everything else is fluid and up for grabs. [lit] won’t look the same every week, but you can bet it will be fun and a great way to spend a Sunday evening.

[lit] is a place to introduce friends into the Roots Student Ministry at a level where they won’t be intimidated by deep theology and heady discussions around scripture. We keep it real, but we’re sensitive to providing a place where students can come and check things out.

Expect a bunch of students on any Sunday. Come and lean into an experience specifically geared toward middle and high school students.

Life Groups immediately follow [lit] each Sunday. Go deeper with friends. Talk together. Pray together. Be there for each other. This is Christian community.