Which Door Are You?

A Year to Open Doors by Serving Others

Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors — that’s the tagline used by the United Methodist Church. For our 2017-2018 ministry year, Alpharetta Methodist plans to amp up our commitment to that idea by focusing on SERVING OTHERS — in our church, in our community and in the world. When we serve others in the love of Christ, we become doorways through which people can enter into a new experience of God and a new connection with God’s people.

On Jason Gray’s album, Love Will Have the Final Word, there’s a song called “With Every Act of Love” and the refrain says this:

God put a million, million doors in the world

for his love to walk through.

One of those doors is you.

During our ministry year, we will each have the opportunity to explore new ways of SERVING OTHERS and being a door that might help someone take a step further into a relationship with Jesus Christ. Here are just some of the opportunities you’ll have to get involved with SERVING OTHERS at Alpharetta Methodist this year:

  • A whole year of focused attention and energy on SERVING OTHERS.
    Like the capital campaign previously, a year of SERVING OTHERS will raise the bar for what we can do together to make a difference through volunteering in ministry and mission.
  • More visible and coordinated volunteer and service opportunities.
    On the web or at church, visit a one-stop-shop for all of the possible ways that you can get involved and become one of those doorways of God’s love.
  • Which door are you? Discover your place.
    Simple self-assessments, as well as short-term classes like “Serving from the Heart,” will help you figure out your profile for service.
  • Team projects and challenges as we serve others.
    Ministry teams, like the ushers or the Chancel Choir, might decide to serve together at the Alpharetta Great Day of Service. Or work together at Action Ministries. Challenge another team and make it competitive.
  • Progress reports and door stories.
    You’ll be inspired to hear the testimonials about how God is moving in and through our congregation as we serve together. We’ll also report numbers and statistics as we work to raise the bar toward every member SERVING OTHERS in ministry and mission.

    How are you serving others? Share your Door Story: #serveothersAFUMC #doorstory

What would happen if each one of us took this challenge seriously and invested just five hours per week in SERVING OTHERS? What if we each became a consistent example of Christ’s love through selfless acts of kindness and outreach? Let’s change the world together this year at Alpharetta Methodist and open hearts, open minds and open doors!