Serve Now

Our community needs our help now more than ever. Many of our neighbors are facing financial hardships, and local businesses are struggling under the economic burden of Covid-19 social-distancing restrictions. Thank you for your outpouring of concern and offers to help. Here are a some of the ways that we can work together to be a beacon of a light to those who are suffering in this uncertain time:

North Fulton Community Charities Logo

Give to North Fulton Community Charities

North Fulton Community Charities serves individuals and families by providing financial assistance, education and a food pantry. NFCC also operates a thrift store to supplement those costs. Covid-19 has forced the thrift store, which generates $25,000 per week, to close, so NFCC needs our help more than ever. Our Missions Committee, supported by your donations, is contributing an additional $5,000 to NFCC so they can continue their work. You can make a financial donation by clicking the button below.

NFCC is now accepting food donations, Monday-Thursday, 1-3 p.m. See a list of urgently-needed items here.  Drop off food donations at the NFCC Food Pantry, 11270 Elkins Road in Roswell. When you drop off food, enter the gate to the right of the building, then go behind the building and look for the food pantry door.

Meals for those serving on the front lines

Healthcare workers and first responders are literally placing themselves in harm’s way to save people during the Covid-19 crisis. If you’re looking for a way to express your appreciation and love for them, why not provide them with a meal? Alpharetta Methodist members Andy and Jennifer King and their Sunday School class have coordinated the delivery of fresh, handmade pot pies to workers at Northside Forsyth Hospital — feeding them AND providing business for a local restaurant owner. Consider gathering your own group of people and reaching out in a similar way to one of our local hospitals, fire departments or police departments. If you’d like to help in this way, please email Jennifer, and she’ll share the steps to get started.

Flowers for shut-ins

The United Methodist Women have been delivering flower arrangements to shut-ins and homebound women during the pandemic. The smiles and “thank you’s” are priceless. To learn more about joining this outreach effort, contact Sandy Kirkpatrick or Lisa Webb.

Acts of Random Kindness

We can all do something from home for our neighbors or family. Some ideas:

  • Write a note for your neighbors, letting them know that if there’s anything they need, they can contact you. Be sure to include your phone number! Then attach the note to a roll of toilet tissue, and put it or their front porch or in a spot where you know they’ll find it.
  • When you go to the store this week, tell the cashier you appreciate everything he or she is doing and that you’ll lift him or her up in prayer. When you get to your car, take a moment before you start the engine to bow your head and say that prayer.
  • Send notes of encouragements to the teachers, healthcare workers or emergency responders you know. 
  • Using sidewalk chalk, write words of encouragement, scripture passages and things you are thankful for on your driveway or sidewalk. 

Pray for & support Dunamis Foundation

Our church has helped numerous organizations in the last month that are on the front lines helping people. Most recently, our Missions Committee donated $1,400 to Dunamis Foundation to help feed families in Ecuador where Covid-19 is having devastating effects. Without work, many families are without food. Your gifts are being used to help feed 300 families.

Support our Drake House family

Our church sponsors an apartment at Drake House, where a homeless mother and her children live while the mom works, completes life-skills courses and takes enrichment classes. All of those activities are taking place online during the Covid-19 crisis, and Drake House staff are providing one-on-one tutoring for children via Skype. Please contact Deedee Muehlbauer to learn how you can help this family.

A great way to help the Drake House is by providing $25 Kroger gift cards, which can be dropped off directly to the Drake House management office, 10500 Clara Drive in Roswell. The organization will distribute the cards to specific residents as their needs dictate.

Save Alpharetta Restaurants!

Social-distancing restrictions have been devastating to many local restaurants, and some are in serious financial trouble. Individuals and Sunday School classes are adopting restaurants by purchasing food or gift cards to help them stay afloat. Please join us! Many restaurants are offering curbside pick-up, take-out and delivery options — even gift cards.

When you pick up your food or have it delivered, check in on Facebook or Instagram. Share a photo and tag @alpharetta.methodist and the restaurant’s social media page. Add the hashtags #SaveAlpharettaRestaurants and #AMsupportslocal to your post.

Help Missions when you shop online

Our local mission partners need our support now more than ever. Your gifts to Missions, above and beyond your regular giving, ensure that we can continue to support their important work. One easy way to help is by enrolling in AmazonSmile and selecting Alpharetta United Methodist Church as your charity of choice. Then shop online at A portion of every eligible purchase you make will go Missions.

Help Manning Oaks Elementary School families

Here are three easy things you can do from your living room or kitchen table to help us meet the needs of families whose children attend Manning Oaks Elementary School, just down the road from our church.

  1. Purchase a Walmart card for a Manning Oaks family. Click here to make your purchase. Enter in the “recipient’s email” field. The card will be sent to Monica Jones, a Manning Oaks staff member, who will forward it to a family in need.
  2. Purchase an Amazon card for a Manning Oaks family. Click here to make your purchase. Enter in the “recipient’s email” field when you check out. The card will be delivered to Monica Jones, who will forward it to a family in need.
  3. Download the Purposity app from the Apple App Store or Google Play. Sign up and select Atlanta as your community. Then select “Organizations” (at the bottom of your screen) and choose Fulton County Schools. Click follow. Needs for various schools will be posted as they become available.

Support Missions when you grocery shop

We are continuing to support our local mission partners financially during the Covid-19 pandemic. Your donations to Missions, above and beyond your regular giving, will ensure ongoing and increased support for those organizations that are helping our neighbors through the crisis.

The Kroger Community Rewards program is an easy way to help. Sign up for a Kroger Plus card and select Alpharetta First United Methodist Church Missions from the list of participating organizations. Once you’re enrolled, use your card every time you shop, and a donation will be made through the Community Rewards program to support Missions.

Donate blood

The U.S. Surgeon General is urging healthy Americans to consider donating blood to counter what could be a nationwide shortage if the Covid-19 coronavirus outbreak continues to intensify. The American Red Cross has expanded its safety procedures to protect people who give blood, so if you’re healthy, please donate. Donations will be accepted by appointment — to ensure compliance with recommended social-distancing guidelines.

Support Wesley Woods Senior Living Communities

With an average age of 80, Wesley Woods residents are in the highest-risk population for contracting the Covid-19 coronavirus. To keep them safe, Wesley Woods has implement stringent new procedures, like banning group activities, community meals and worship gatherings. These measures also come with new financial challenges, including the cost of personal protection equipment for staff and additional disinfecting supplies. Please continue to lift up the residents and staff in your prayers, and if you are able to help financially.