Disaster Response Team

Disasters bring about human suffering and present needs that are often best met through the local church. The North Georgia Conference of the United Methodist Church (NGUMC) established a Disaster Response Ministry to enable churches to minister to those in need after a disaster, whether local, regional or international.

The NGUMC’s Disaster Response Ministry provides awareness, training and resources and facilitates communication between Methodist churches in time of disaster. The ministry also coordinates with United Methodist Volunteers in Mission (UMVIM) and United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) to send trained servants to aid in early response and long-term recovery.

Alpharetta Methodist’s Disaster Response Team strives to tap into people’s eagerness to help in times of need. The team also travels annually to the Alabama coast to assist with ongoing Hurricane Katrina recovery, and plans regular mission trips to support needs in Georgia, North and South Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama and Mississippi.

Disaster Response Team at Alpharetta Methodist works very closely with Alpharetta Public Safety and would coordinate through that agency to administer early response assistance immediately following a local disaster. As time progressed, the team would become assessors to direct care from outside our community toward the areas of greatest need.

Many Disaster Response Team volunteers are Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) certified and active supporters during local emergency fire, tornado and other catastrophic events, dealing with injury and special immediate emergency needs. CERT certification ensures skills which bolster Disaster Response Team efforts in the field, keeping our folks cared for in the event of health problems. CERT training is available through the Alpharetta Fire Department.

For questions about the AFUMC Disaster Response Team, to offer aid or to volunteer, please contact Patti Fredlund.