Giving FAQs

Why give?

Giving nurtures growth in our relationship with Jesus Christ and supports the mission and ministry efforts of Alpharetta First United Methodist Church.


Why complete a pledge card?

Just like every family, the church needs to estimate our annual income so that we know how to manage our budget.


I’m ready to make a pledge! What do I do?

Simply fill out the Stewardship Pledge Form (Estimate of Giving). You can also complete an Estimate of Giving Card, available in the church office, and return it to the church:

Attn: Finance Office
Alpharetta First United Methodist Church
69 North Main Street
Alpharetta, Georgia 30009


Can I give online?


Can I just give once online to try it out?

Yes! Click the button above to make a on-time donation.


Can I set up recurring donations?

Yes. Click the button below or contact our Finance Office to set up a recurring donation.

Will my contributions be reflected on my giving statement?

Yes.  We’ll send an updated statement quarterly, or you can check it online anytime.


Can I update the frequency or amount of my donation?

Yes.  You can update the frequency or amount online anytime.


What if I change banks?

You can update the information in the giving portal.


How do I get help?

Contact Kim Tyska by email or call 770-521-8779.


Are there fees to give online?



Will the church call me if I fall behind in my pledge?

Absolutely not! If your financial situation changes and you need to decrease or increase your pledge, simply let us know. Contact Financial Administrator Helen Bethenod, (770-475-5576).


How will I know if I’m up to date on my pledge?

The church will send you quarterly statements so you’ll know your progress throughout the year. We’ll also send a year-end statement to help with your income tax preparations.

If you have additional questions or want more information about giving to Alpharetta Methodist, please contact Financial Administrator Helen Bethenod, (770-475-5576). You can also see all of your donations if you sign up to give online.