Please Pass the Gravy

By Dr. Don Martin Senior Pastor August 8, 2014 People gathered around a table spread with food is worth its weight in gold. Some of the happiest moments of my life happened at a table. I remember Thanksgiving feasts with Aunt Edie's dressing piled three stories high sitting next to my sister Sallie's baked ziti. I remember boyhood days with my family gathering around the steel-legged table with Formica top, all enjoying breakfast for dinner on summer evenings. Great conversations bloomed there. We talked baseball and college football and politics and flipped a coin for the last biscuit. We talked about our day, asked our questions, received correction and permission, found comfort in each other's company. I learned to say "please" and "thank you" at that table. The most treasured piece of furniture in our home today is the table we bought in Covington from Ramsey's Furniture. It's where we gather up and find food and one another. Jesus loved a table. His enemies accused him of gluttony and complained that he would eat with anybody who showed up hungry. He was at a table helping Zacchaeus understand generosity. He was at Simon's table when the woman anointed his feet and wiped them with her hair. He taught a huge lesson on forgiveness at that same table. Jesus was sitting at the Passover table when he announced his death was on the near horizon. It was at that table that he asked his dearest friends to "remember me." This request has become a sacrament for Christians, and we will honor that request on Sunday morning. We will remember that Christ was right in the middle of life with folk like us. We will remember that he ate with us, laughed and cried with us, corrected and guided us and left the table ready to die for us. We will remember that we are forgiven and that, beyond all the tables we enjoy in the here and now, there waits our Savior at a table in heaven. There are those who say that God is not the least bit interested in what happens in the world. They point to the misery and suffering in the world as hard evidence to support their thinking. Christians are those who say that God does very much care and is right here among us to help us get with the divine program. We point to Jesus sitting at a table saying, "Please pass the gravy," as our hard evidence.