Momma Eagle

  • By Dr. Don Martin
  • Senior Pastor
  • February 20, 2015
You may know that the eagles have hatched on the campus of Berry College. You can google "Berry College Eagles" to see this amazing sight. You'll find two "nest cam views," and there is even an "approach cam view" that is beyond imagination. You can watch the fledgling eagles receive care from mom and dad eagle, which is a wonder to behold. You can check on the birds day or night, any time you choose. The technology is pretty cool, and I'm so grateful to the leaders at Berry College for making this happen. This recent spot of nasty weather caused many viewers to express concern for the newborn eaglets. Lisa commented at breakfast on Tuesday that the adult birds have 7,000 feathers along with a heavy layer of down, and they are native to Alaska. "They'll probably be just fine!" she added. She even recalled last year when "Snowmageddon" struck our area and she saw the mother eagle with wings stretched out over her fledgling birds. Momma eagle was covered in ice and snow, with her little ones beneath strong and protective wings that kept them safe and warm. Our Lord Jesus must have seen a similar sight during his growing up days in rural Nazareth. He lamented the rejection he received from so many people in Israel. "How often have I desired to gather your children together as a hen gathers her brood under her wings, and you were not willing?" (Matthew 23:37) It is not possible to overestimate the significance of our being willing to live under the protective care of Jesus. Christ's desire to protect us is beyond all question. But we have to be willing. We have to listen to his teachings and apply them as best we can to our life every day. We have to accept his challenge to serve others every day by making costly sacrifices that help others. We have to learn to trust God in every season of life knowing that the Lord cares for us. We have to do this so that Christ can truly be our Savior in this difficult world. It's not automatic, and the Christian life cannot be lived on cruise control. We can, at any time, choose to walk away from God and do our own thing. We can reject Christ's offer of protective care, just as many did so long ago. Christ does not kick the door down insisting that we love and trust him. He stands at the door and knocks, wanting us to open our hearts and lives to his healing presence. Anybody and everybody in the world at any moment in time can choose the shelter of Christ's loving care. The warmth and strength of his amazing wings is yours for the asking.