Missions Collection Form

  • Please complete this form to help the AFUMC Missions Committee track which small groups are collecting items for organizations and missions.

      • All items to be collected should be placed in a box or basket.
      • The container used for the collection must be labeled with the mission name (i.e., Drake House) on the bag or box, along with a name and phone number of the person responsible for the collection drive.
      • No items are to be left on the floor. If items being collected are too large for your box or basket, please hold that item until the end date of your collection period, and then drop it off.
      • All items should be picked up within 5 business days of the end date of your collection period. If items are not picked up, they will be donated to another organization.
      • If your collection drive lasts for several weeks, items must be picked up weekly.
      • Please contact Missions Communications Coordinator Gay Piper with your questions about collecting items on the missions shelves.