July 1 Devotional


Although we cannot predict was current trends in Covid-19 will do for our culture, by all accounts it seems that life is getting back to a new normal. Most school systems have announced a return to in-person education (with an option of online learning), amateur and professional sports are getting back into full swing (with some form of social distancing), and our church is just a couple of weeks away from in-person services (with an option of online worship). It’s really easy for us to get back into the grind without giving thought to what lessons we’ve learned from the quarantine. In my devotional life, I find myself spending a little more time reflecting on the early lessons of quarantine that seemed to be a struggle for me, at first, but resulted in great beauty and blessing, and now seem to be slipping away.

Throughout Scripture, there’s a reminder to chronicle life and reflect on it frequently. In fact, the word “remember” is one of the most popular words in the Bible. Depending on translation, it appears between 200-250 times. There are so many uses of the word that it’s hard to focus on just one for a devotion, but one that definitely stands out is Lamentations 3:19. The author writes, “I remember my affliction and my wandering.” Very clearly, those words were used in a certain context of affliction and wandering, but we’re experiencing a level of affliction and wandering with a pandemic.

The reflection can lead to a level of sadness or downcast soul, but it can also remind us of God’s greatness and goodness. In verse 21, the author writes that he “brings to mind” this: God’s great love and faithfulness is never failing! Despite our afflictions and wandering over the past 3 months, one thing that is evident is God’s faithfulness and love. I’ve seen it in church. I’ve seen it in my home. I’ve seen it in my life. So remember and bring to mind the lessons you’ve learned during this time, and the greatest lesson of all: God loves you and is faithful towards you.

Rev. David Walters
Senior Pastor