Friends for a Lifetime

We have a beautiful sanctuary. It is a wonderful place to worship the Lord. The space feels both warm and sacred. I thank God for the leaders and clergy of the 1980s who looked to the future and built this place with faith in Christ and confidence in our membership. They even had the foresight to build so a balcony could be added, which did happen in the 1990s. Now, 900 people can assemble comfortably, and upwards of 1,000 on some Sundays, to sing and pray and listen. The EAST ENTRANCE into the worship space needs to be reconstructed. Here's why. The most used entrance into our sanctuary is up the bare concrete steps that face the Cumming Street parking lot. I don't want to call them ugly, but they sure ain't pretty. They do not say welcome. And they lead into a vestibule that is too small to be useful. There is no place to hang your coat, no room to say hello or begin a conversation. It's a bottleneck. It's almost always cluttered and unsightly. We are missing a rich opportunity to create friendships and community. This entrance space says come and worship and go home, and that's exactly what too many people do. We can change this dynamic and we should. Our architects, CDH & Partners, have figured this out. We can create an open, warm, welcoming, large, bright space that allows people to speak with each other and actually get to know one another. We simply close the bare, concrete steps, ugly, no bathroom (or-any room at all), "get in and out as fast as you can" entrance. Then we enlarge and make beautiful and warm the entrance into Trinity Hall. Everyone will enter there, and "voilà!" -- we actually have a FRONT DOOR. There will be a welcome and information area to help the next guests to feel at home. They can even drop their children off in this area. This will end walking through a maze to get your children to Sunday School or the nursery. Now we will have convenient and functional space. Even more, this will be an area where we promote the strong ministries and activities that happen now in our church. Every Sunday will be an invitation to get involved in missions, Bible studies, men's and women's groups and more -- which is what can and should happen.  Guests and members could actually ask their questions and find information that allows them to get on board. Slow down and look at the entrance space as it exists right now. Do it on a Sunday and watch what is NOT happening. Imagine what will happen when we create a new FRONT DOOR entrance. The Long Range Planning Committee and our gifted architects have imagined this space. and I invite you to do the same.