Facility Scheduling and Work Order Procedures

Scheduling Space on Campus

Have all of the information for your event ready when making a calendar request (ex. name of event, date, time, desired location(s), set up times and tear down times).

Submit a Facility Request Form as far in advance of your event as possible.

You will receive an email confirming receipt of your facility request. If you don’t receive a confirmation email within a day or two please follow up with our Events Coordination Office.

ALL events need to be on the calendar. This includes every meeting, class, ministry event, external event, practice and any other activity that happens on campus.

If possible, submit a Event Setup Request Form with the reservation request.

When you event has been approved, you will be notified by the Events Coordination Office.


Maintenance Setup Requests (Work Orders)

Major events require a minimum of 2 weeks’ notice for work order requests. Major events are defined as of all external events (organizations other than Alpharetta Methodist using the church campus), complicated set ups and events with more than 75 people in attendance.

Standard events require a 1-week notice for work orders. Standard events are defined as those that do not qualify as major events but still require a room setup.

When you submit the Maintenance Setup Request Form (Work Order), please attach photos or diagrams of the specific room set-up you are requesting. This helps the maintenance staff understands your request more thoroughly and to more efficiently meet your request.

Submit the Maintenance Setup Request Form (Work Order) to the Events Coordination Office by email. If you choose to complete a printed (PDF) Maintenance Setup Request Form and place it in the work order box in the workroom in our Main Street office building.