Elevated Love

  • By Dr. Don Martin
  • Senior Pastor
  • December 19, 2014
My running shoes are worn out. Time to get a new pair to wear to the gym. The old kicks will go to the basement next to the lawnmower. I'll find the latest style with the quick pull wire laces. Everything wears out or goes out of style. Even words go out of style or wear out from overuse. They lose their meaning. Take the word "Beloved." It's out of style. I use to say "Dearly Beloved" as the first words of the wedding service. Not anymore.  "Dear Friends" is now the opening line. I miss the word "beloved." "Matrimony" is gone too. I can't remember the last time I heard "matrimony." "Skillet" is a word I haven't heard in a coons age. Pushed aside for "pan" and "cookware." My good friend Charlie cooked everything in an iron skillet. Cornbread, biscuits, bacon and eggs. The word "pan" was not worthy of his culinary prowess. The word "love" is getting close to worn out and that worries me. We use it so often in common speech that I'm not really sure what "love" means anymore. She "loves" line dancing and he "loves" golf. I "love" bacon and college football and she "loves" photography and chicken salad.  Sort of makes you wonder when someone says they love you if it's a bacon love or a line dancing kind of love. I guess we could go back to the 1700s and start using the word "charity,",but it's got a handout overtone for me. Charity does have a giving side that the common understanding of love is beginning to lose. Love today has become more a feeling than an action. That's bad because feelings pass like a wispy cloud unless they put their gloves on and get to work. Feelings like to circle the wagons and talk about love. Real love hitches the horse to a plow and grows some corn. I'm gonna stick with love for the year ahead. I'll try to say "like" bacon and "enjoy" golf. I'm hoping that Christmas will elevate "love" to the place of prominence it so richly deserves. Christ was born because God loves us. From his life we have all received love and more love is the central message of Christmas. Shepherds gloried and angels praised and Mary pondered this overwhelming expression of love. God above us dwelt among us in order to raise us up to a life of genuine love.