Daily Dose, Oct. 30 — It Happened in the Wilderness

  "In the evening quails came up and covered the camp; and in the morning, there was a layer of dew around the camp. When the layer of dew lifted, there on the surface of the wilderness was a fine flaky substance, as fine as frost on the ground. When the Israelites saw it, they said to one another, 'What is it?' For they did not know what it was. "Moses said to them, 'It is the bread that the LORD has given you to eat. This is what the LORD has commanded: "Gather as much of it as each of you needs, an omer to a person according to the number of persons, all providing for those in their own tents."' The Israelites did so, some gathering more, some less. But when they measured it with an omer, those who gathered much had nothing over, and those who gathered little had no shortage; they gathered as much as each of them needed." (Exodus 16:13-18) The Hebrew people left Egyptian slavery and began their journey to the Promised Land. Their wandering lasted 40 years, which is a long time to live in a tent and cook on a campfire. They learned a lot in their wilderness travels. One of the early lessons was trusting that the Lord God would provide for their basic needs. Food was in short supply, which made them wish they had never left Egypt with their steaming pots of stew. They awoke the next morning and discovered “A fine flaky substance, as fine as frost on the ground.” They gathered enough to make bread, which allowed them to survive their desert days. Manna from heaven was their daily gift from God. It wasn’t steak and a loaded baked potato, but it was enough. The story reminds me of how God provided for me in my wilderness days. Beanie Weenies, Ramen Noodles and cheap pizza is a common story for most of us. Just keeping the old truck running was a major issue. I don’t know what you are going through right now, but I’ve learned that everybody is going through something. Let’s trust that God will provide what we need as we look to the future. Y’all come -- Dr. Don