Daily Dose, May 10 — Roots & Wings



“Train children in the right way, and when old, they will not stray.” (Proverbs 22:6)

The number one goal in parenting is to help our children succeed. Success means that our children learn how to embrace and enjoy hard work. They need to become self-sustaining — able to buy their own waffle. I hope they will learn gratitude and generosity, which means buying someone else a waffle and contributing to the community.

They need to learn that life ain’t all about getting everything they want. They need to live a good life that is not derailed by the need for immediate gratification of their every want. They need to learn to create a plan and stick with the plan. Persistence is essential, even when the task is not exciting.

We tend to think that if they make As and get accepted into the best schools that they will succeed. This simply is not true. The “non-cognitive skills” are far more important than a high score on the SAT. There is simply no substitute for character.

Jesus was an outstanding man of character and courage. This fact alone is reason enough for us to lead our children to Jesus. The majority of people who attend church are people of character and courage. This fact alone is reason enough to push every other activity to the back burner of the stove and go to Sunday School and church. Parents who do these things faithfully will help their children succeed. — Y’all come, Dr. Don