Daily Dose, March 29 — Going Deeper

Did you ever wondered if Jesus had a sense of humor? This moment as He was teaching shows a good sense of humor.

Take a moment and close your eyes and imagine yourself with a big old log protruding from your eye. Day in, day out as you work, as you play, the ever-present log is with you. You happen to notice your friend has a speck in his or her eye, and so you want to help. Well, the closer you get, as you lean in, the log protruding from your eye begins to ram into the head of the one you are trying to help. You begin to do harm. You finally must give up and leave your friend to deal with their speck on their own.

You are no good to anyone when you have a log in your eye.

Jesus was talking about judging and, frankly, that we are not supposed to judge people. Not supposed to judge or condemn. Often, we fall into the bad habit of using a magnifying glass when looking at people. The magnifying glass serves to highlight each and every flaw. Then we move straight to looking down our nose at them.

Jesus calls it out!  Part of the problem is we have a tendency to ignore our own flaws, while paying close attention to another’s flaw.

“Why do you see the speck in your neighbor’s eye, but do not notice the log in your own eye?” (Luke 6:41)

Why do we? Why is it more comfortable to see our brother or sister’s speck while ignoring the log in our own eye? -- Rev. Terri Henkel