Daily Dose, March 24 — Gethsemane

The time in the Garden has drawn to a close. Jesus has been on the ground before God. He has poured out His heart before His Abba and committed, once again, to do His will. He has spent these last hours with his imperfect, but loved, disciples, and now it is time. “Look the hour has come and the Son of Man is delivered into the hands of sinners…” No sooner had Jesus uttered those words than Judas brought with him a crowd sent by the religious rulers to arrest Jesus. Judas had arranged a signal for the crowd to ensure they would grab the right one. Judas would kiss Jesus, betrayal with a kiss. As Judas comes to him, Jesus, knowing what was about to happen, looks him in the eye and asked him, “Are you betraying me with a kiss?” (Luke 22) The ugliness of BETRAYAL enters the Garden! Have you even been betrayed by someone you love? It is a unique kind of pain when it comes from within those closest to you. It is a deeper hurt. Jesus is betrayed by one He invited close -- by one He invited to be a part of something greater than himself, a movement that would impact eternity. But Judas decided he knew better, he knew more and decided on betrayal! Jesus leaves the Garden much different than He entered it. He knew it would be that way. He knew as He prayed to the Father. He knew He would be betrayed. He would be lied about. He would be mocked, ridiculed and tortured. He knew and He did it anyway. ALL FOR LOVE. As you enter into Holy Week, consider what great love He has for us. How will you respond? -- Rev. Terri Henkel