Daily Dose, June 3 — Moments to Remember

NOTE: Dr. Don will be writing our devotions this week. It will be his final Daily Dose series before his retirement at the end of June. This blog has been his brainchild, and we hope it has been a blessing to you and inspired your time of meditation on the Scriptures. As we prepare for a new beginning, we’ve decided to suspend publishing these daily readings and take some time to consider the best ways we can support and encourage your faith journey going forward. Please pray for Dr. Don as he begins a new chapter in his life, and pray for the leadership of Alpharetta Methodist, our pastors and staff as they seek to discern God’s direction.

Moments to Remember: Life in the church is filled with “Life Changing Moments.”  I’m recalling a few as I wrap up my active service in the ordained ministry.

A Song of Ascents. Of David. I was glad when they said to me, “Let us go to the house of the Lord!” (Psalm 122:1)

Her name was Rosie, and we all just called her “Mrs. Rose.” She dressed a bit like a peacock with colors and styles that made her easy to spot. She smiled a lot and always called me by my name. She walked to church on Sunday mornings. The journey was about half a mile, but the sidewalks she used were steep.

I drove into the church parking lot one summer morning, and it was bull-frogging rain. I hurried into the narthex and needed a beach towel to dry off. I looked out the fogged-up glass, and there was Mrs. Rosie walking up the sidewalk to worship God. Her Mary Poppins umbrella wasn’t doing much good, but she was wrapped nicely in several rain garments. She was mostly dry when I opened the sanctuary door for her.

She was altogether devoted to Christ and the church, with every inch of devotion completely waterproof. Her desire to be in God’s presence moved me beyond words. She wanted to be in the Lord’s house. She needed a sermon like I need another golf ball. She was the sermon for me that Sabbath day. And every time I see some devoted Christian who makes the extra effort required to be in worship, I think of Mrs. Rosie. -- Y’all come, Dr. Don