Daily Dose, July 6 — True Independence

  For generations children have nestled in their bed and prayed, “Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep…” From the earliest age, parents are instilling within their children dependence upon God. Sleep is a time when we are defenseless and even vulnerable, a perfect time to be mindful that we are in the care of God and for a child drifting off to sleep to have one of their final thoughts be that God is with them, even as they sleep. As adults our prayers change. They transform and find new language to say similar things. We are still dependent on God; many of us take time before we drift off to sleep to pray. We may talk to God about concerns from the day or about family and friends who we want to pray for. We may even have regrets from the day and ask for forgiveness. Regardless of what we say to God before we drift off to sleep, our final thoughts are filled with the assurance that God is with us, even as we sleep. We are dependent on an ever-present God and that dependence is our strength! The psalmist puts it this way, “Keep me safe my God, for in you I take refuge.” (Psalm 16:1) In a world that is pretty chaotic, we know that our strength, our assurance, our hope is not in the world or its powers and authorities but in our God. He is with us always, hears us when we pray and watches over us, even as we sleep. Because that is true, we can rest easy, knowing our dependence is on God, everlasting Father and we are free to embrace all the day brings. -- Rev. Terri Henkel