Daily Dose, July 13 — Bible Characters: Job

  Job is a name we all know. And is there anybody, anywhere, who has not at some moment felt kin to him? He had it made. Job feared God and was determined to do the right thing every day of the week. He had wealth and children and the respect of all. He went to church every Sunday and put enough in the plate to cover the entire family. Then Satan showed up and pinned old Job to the mat. The devil destroyed Job’s life. Wealth and children and the high esteem Job enjoyed were gone with the wind. His health evaporated like dew in the desert, and he would have been glad to die, if death would come. His wife taunted him, his friends broke what was left of his heart, and Job wished that he had never been born. But you have to salute Job for what he refused to do. He refused to charge God with wrong doing, and he absolutely refused to give up. Job is the guy who would make you kill him before he ever cried, “Uncle.” Hope is the word that comes to mind when I think of Job. Hope is the difference maker in Job’s life and in our life, too. Hope vs. death, hope vs. sickness, hope vs. trouble, hope vs. a friendless world, hope vs. the Devil are the teams listed at the top of life’s scoreboard. I want to be on hope’s team, because whatever the evidence might show, I am convinced that God is good. -- Y’all come, Don