Daily Dose, July 12 — Bible Characters: Mary

  The Catholic church lifts Mary the mother of Jesus to a lofty height. The Protestant church, in something of an over correction, seldom mentions her name. She deserves at least an honorable mention from the Methodist people. She did, in fact, raise Jesus, who lived a remarkable and influential life. I get the impression that Jesus was not an easy boy to raise and, at times, a bit difficult to understand. “Who is my mother?” asked Jesus one day when the house was full of listeners and his heart filled with the gospel news. And then there was the moment at a wedding when Mary made an amazing request and Jesus seemed a bit bothered by the way she leaned on him. Most protestants give Mary a bit of a nod in the Christmas season when she gives birth there in the barn. But I think of her with tears as we move toward Easter and the cross. She was there within earshot when Jesus died, and it shatters my heart to imagine the scene. I almost wish John had kept that moment to himself. “Take care of my Momma,” is the basics of what our Lord said to his beloved John as the humanity of Jesus takes center stage. Some 30 years earlier, Mary had told God she was ready to be the servant of the Lord no matter what. We would do well to ponder her words as we consider being a Christian. -- Y’all come, Don