Daily Dose, July 10 — Bible Characters: Judas

  Judas made front page news for doing as wrong a thing as ever has been done in human history. Judas betrayed Jesus, selling him out for a pocketful of cash. Trying to figure out why Judas would do such a thing gets me wrapped around my own axel. Was he trying to escalate the conflict Jesus was having with the religious leaders of Israel? I doubt it. Was he feeling slighted by Jesus or the other disciples in some way? Seems childish. Did he lose faith in Jesus and our Lord’s vision of the Kingdom of God? Perhaps. Was he simply a scoundrel all along? He did have a habit of dipping into the treasury, from time to time, for personal gratification? Makes some sense. I gave up, years ago, trying to read his soured mind. He did what he did, and we remember him for this one terrible thing. He did become aware that he was guilty of a hateful betrayal when the events spiraled out of control. He ended his own life, which is deeply sad to me, because I am certain that Jesus would have forgiven him and challenged him to embrace a better future, as he did for Simon Peter and all the others who ran for the hills. Remembering Judas helps me to see that choices lead to consequences, both bad and good. My dear friend, Dr. Royeese Stowe, likes to say, “Think it all the way through.” I wish Judas had. -- Y’all come, Don