Daily Dose, Jan. 2 — New Beginnings

            Do you ever wonder what the future holds? For some concerns about the future brings allot of anxiety. I remember sitting with a mom years ago who was in full blown panic mode. She was preparing to make some radical lifestyle changes to be able to set as much money as possible aside for her son’s college. She had been pricing schools in state and out of state. The costs of living on campus or off camps. The cost of books and various other necessities. She looked at the differences in the costs of different majors her son might be interested in as well as how inflation might impact all the other equations. All the research brought about a state of panic. Should she take on another job, sell her car, sell some furniture? She turned to me and asked what I thought she should do, as her three-month-old son lay sleeping in his little cradle sound asleep. Sometimes we can over plan. We can be so obsessed with trying to have control in our lives and the lives of those we love, we can create problems that aren’t even there. Jesus said, “do not worry about tomorrow…each day had enough troubles of its own.” (Matthew 6:34) That sweet, young mother was so consumed with what may happen in 18 years. She was unable to relish in the moment and enjoy her little one. Most all of us do it in different ways, but same thing. We worry so much about all the tomorrows, that we lost the joy of this moment in time. May 2019 be the year we give up worrying about tomorrow and trust God today. --Rev. Terri Henkel