Daily Dose, Dec. 30

A new year is about to begin-WOW! Hard to imagine 2017 is about to end. Where did the year go? For some it was a great year. Some can’t wait to close the calendar for 2017 and begin a new year. For some 2017 was a mixture of the two. Regardless of where you are in that, for all of us we are about to start a new year and have a fresh start. That can be pretty exciting- that can be inspiring. We look towards New Year’s Eve and consider the year about to unfold- filled with possibility, hope and promise. Years ago, I read a book on prayer and the author offered a suggestion that I really liked and have done many times over the years. She suggested finding a scripture that really spoke to your hopes and dreams for your life and make that scripture your prayer throughout the new year. She also extended it to choosing a scripture to pray over people you love. With a new year fast approaching, where do you need a specific dose of God’s guidance, strength, assurance and promise to help you continue to grow in grace. Take some time before the peach drops and the new year begins to search God’s word for His promises and claim one for yourself for the coming new year. “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path” -- Psalm 119:105 Happy and Blessed New Year! Rev. Terri Henkel