Daily Dose, Aug. 9

  From my earliest remembrance, music has been an integral part of my spiritual journey. I grew up in a small Methodist church in Kentucky. I learned to sing listening to my grandmother’s rich alto as she sang the hymns every Sunday. When I was still too young to understand much of the sermon or the liturgy, the music spoke to me. My big debut as a soloist came when I was around nine years old. My grandmother bought me a children’s book called “I Am a Promise.” The book had colorful illustrations of the lyrics of a children’s song. In the back of the book was a recording of the song on a (whew, this is gonna date me) 45 record. The flip side of the record had an accompaniment track of the song. I learned the song quickly and sang it for any family member who would listen. I loved singing that song. My grandmother was overjoyed and immediately marched me to the pastor’s office where I “auditioned” for him. My grandmother asked him, or rather told him, (LOL) that I would be singing that song in church the following Sunday. I think of those lyrics sometimes and how a simple song helped embed God’s love into my heart at that tender age. I am a promise, I am a possibility. I am a promise. With a capital P… I am a promise to be anything God wants me to be.  I recently read a quote that said, “A song makes you feel a thought.” Through songs, we engage our hearts, minds and souls. I very carefully choose the songs we sing in worship because I know that people will take these songs into their hearts. The right song might help someone long after the worship service is over. Think about the songs you love to sing in worship and how the lyrics impact your life. I’d love to hear your story! See ya in church on Sunday -- Stephanie Newton, Director of Contemporary Worship