Daily Dose, Aug. 31

Many years ago, I was listening to a teacher speak on fear and how it can at times paralyze someone and prevent them from stepping into new territories, seek new opportunities.  They wouldn’t try because they were afraid.  This teacher’s response has stuck with me all these years later.  She acknowledged their fear, and then said, “Do it afraid.”  Take the new step even though you are afraid.  Make the decision that you believe to be right and act on that decision even if you are trembling as you do. The emotion of fear has value.  Fear of falling off a cliff cause you to take extra care on a hike up a mountain.  Fear of getting into our latter years and not having the resources to take care of our needs cause us to responsibly save. Fear in and of itself is not wrong but fear out of balance, running wild in our thoughts is not good for any of us.  So, we use fear as a signal of potential danger ahead and then evaluate how reasonable our fear truly is and should it detour our steps. Can you imagine how fearful Mary must have been when the angel of the Lord told her of God’s plan for her life and that He wanted her to bare God’s own Son.  She was young, engaged to be married—pregnancy in that set of circumstances would most likely raise eyebrows at the least and possibly place her in danger at the worst.  No doubt she was afraid! I would argue her love of God and her trust in Him was stronger than her fear.  She leaned into who God is rather than her fear of the future.  She said to the angel of the Lord, “Here am I, the servant of the Lord; let it be with me according to your word.” No matter what today brings, no matter what your challenges may be, may the words of this young girl become ours as well.
-- Rev. Terri Henkel