Breath Prayers for Our Church 2

July 1

As we welcome our new pastor and his family, grant us grace to allow them time of their own that they may be spiritually blessed.

July 3

Father, please give all of our pastors wisdom to know the way, even when it is not clear.

July 5

O Lord, give us daily reminders of how you are leading us.

July 7

Give us songs of joy and happiness today.

July 9

Show us your ways, Lord, teach us your paths.

July 11

As we wait on the Lord, He will give us strength.

July 13

Our God and our all, be with us today and every day.

July 15

Above all things, remind us ALL of the words of 1 Corinthians 13: Three things will last forever -- faith, hope, and love -- and the greatest of these is love.

July 2

Heavenly Father, we are depending on you to guide us through.

July 4

We lift both congregations of Alpharetta Methodist and The Vine and trust you will provide and care for them.

July 6

Bring new people into the lives of the Walters family who will help them through this transition and who will truly and deeply love them.

July 8

May Rev. Walters know that, as his feet are on the ground this day, he is led by you.

July 10

Praise God from whom all blessings flow. Provide the vision for Dr. Don to see and treat retirement as a gift.

July 12

Gracious God, give us patience for one another.

July 14

Thank you God, for being with the Walters family every step on this new road. May you fill their days with love and laughter.