Praying with Jesus through Lent

The Prayer Committee has created a series of daily prayers to help you draw closer to Christ during Lent. Our theme is Praying with Jesus. Each day features a unique two- or three-sentence prayer based on an event during the life of Jesus leading up to the crucifixion and resurrection. Each prayer addresses Jesus personally, and each has a Scripture citation, so you can study deeper. The prayers will be posted here, on our Facebook, Instagram and on Twitter each morning during Lent, starting this Wednesday.

MARCH 6: Dear Holy Jesus, you are the very essence of love, and you have commanded us to love one another. Help me love others in word and deed as you have commanded us to do. Read 15:9-17.
MARCH 7: Dear Lord, as nature reveals your kingship, even as the stones cry out, may I, too, joyfully praise you. Amen. Read Luke 19:40.
MARCH 8: Dear Lord Jesus, there are times when life is diffcult, and it is hard to believe. Yet you tell us, if we believe, we will see the glory of God. Everyday, I pray for strength to believe so that I may see your glory. Read John 11:40.
MARCH 9: Jesus, Bread of Life, only you have shown us the path to eternal life. Thank you for your assurance that we will live, even after our death, if we believe in you. Read John 11:25.
MARCH 10: Lord, as you wept over Jerusalem because the people did not know that only you could bring them peace, I cry for our country that your way of peace will not be hidden from us. Read Luke 19:42.
MARCH 11: Lord Jesus, help me to proclaim, as Martha did, what I believe in my heart: that you are the Christ, the Son of God who came into the world to bring us eternal life. Read Luke 11:27.
MARCH 12: As Mary poured her expensive perfume on you, Lord, as an outpouring of love, may I pour all of myself out for you. Read Mark 14:6.
MARCH 13: God, I pray that I will complete the work you have for me to do, so that you will be glorified on earth. Read John 17:4.
MARCH 14: Lord, even when your soul was overwhelmed with sorrow facing death, you prayed not your will but your Father's be done. Oh, what love for us. I pray I will trust you to pray your will for my life and love for others. Read Mark 14:36.
MARCH 15: Sometimes, Lord, in our darkest moments our soul feels like you are not near. May we remember your words from the cross and remember that nothing can separate us from God's love. Read Mark 15:34,37-38.
MARCH 16: God, as Joseph of Arimathea boldly stood for Jesus in his death and gave him his best (his new tomb), I pray that I will boldly give my best to you. Read John 19:38,41.
MARCH 17: He is risen! Jesus, I pray I will always recognize you as you walk with me, and that I will spread the good news of the resurrection! Read Luke 14:31-32.
MARCH 18: Jesus, teach us to walk in your light. Show us your path and help us to be more like you. Read John 11:9.
MARCH 19: Jesus, lead the way to the upper room. Help me to be ready when you return for the faithful. I am grateful for the time we spend together each day. Read Mark 14.
MARCH 20: Jesus, keep me mindful that you are preparing a place for me and that you will be with me 'til the end of the earth. Read John 17.
MARCH 21: Jesus, let us be strong in our beliefs, acknowledging you to others every day. Give us the strength to let those around us see that we are followers of Jesus Christ. Read Mark 14:72.
MARCH 22: Jesus, let us be strong in our beliefs, acknowledging you to others every day. Give us the strength to let those around us see that we are followers of Jesus Christ. Read Mark 14:72.
MARCH 23: Jesus, help us to grow our faith in you. Keep us strong in knowing you will come again and help us to understand all things come in God's time. Read Luke 19:41.
MARCH 24: Jesus, grant me peace, knowing that you are in control of the world, and help me to lead a closer life with you. Open my eyes to the teachings in your Holy Word and allow me grow stronger in my faith. Read Luke 24.
MARCH 25: Awaken us, dear Savior. Give our spirits new life and the longing to see you actively present during our times of great need and joy. Read John 11:25.
MARCH 26: Heavenly Father, with unbridled gratitude and love, may this unworthy servant humbly come before you and pour out all that I am in body, mind and soul. May I then be fully filled with the love of the Holy Spirit, who has saved me by His great mercy and grace. Read Mark 14:1-14.
MARCH 27: My beautiful Savior, I give thanks to you for the precious gift of the Holy Spirit, who guides my steps and forever points me to the cross and to my heavenly home, where I will bask in your glory for ever more. Read John 14:15-17.
MARCH 28: May my voice forever be lifted, singing songs of praise and thanksgiving to my Savior who, by the will our Heavenly Father and His unfathomable love for His children, drank from the cup of salvation...our salvation. Read Mark 14:23-25.
MARCH 29: Blameless, beautiful Savior, give me the grace to linger at the foot of the cross where sorrow meets redemption. In deepest grief, help me to clearly see the ultimate victory has already been won. Read Mark 15:22-24.