Praying with Jesus through Lent 2

The Prayer Committee has created a series of daily prayers to help you draw closer to Christ during Lent. Our theme is Praying with Jesus. Each day features a unique two- or three-sentence prayer based on an event during the life of Jesus leading up to the crucifixion and resurrection. Each prayer addresses Jesus personally, and each has a Scripture citation, so you can study deeper. The prayers will be posted here, on our Facebook, Instagram and on Twitter each morning during Lent, starting this Wednesday.

MARCH 30: As your broken body lies at rest in this most holy tomb, let our tears of sorrow be mixed with tears of boundless joy and anticipation, for tomorrow our voices will be lifted high, evermore singing songs of praise "He is risen! Our Savior is risen indeed." Read Matthew 27:57-61.
MARCH 31: For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord. Amen. Read Romans 8:38-39.
APRIL 1: Jesus, Rabbi, Thank you for telling us to be watchful for no one knows when you will return on the clouds. Help me stay awake to the opportunities that surround me to share your love. Read Mark 13:26,35.
APRIL 2: Jesus, I pray that I am completing the work God gave me to do, as you brought Him glory by completing the work He gave you to do. I want to bring glory to your name. Read John 17:4-5.
APRIL 3: Jesus, my faithful friend, please help me to stay awake and be prayerful. Help me to keep my eyes open to the opportunities you put before me to witness for you and to pray for others. Read Mark 14:37-39.
APRIL 4: Jesus, Bread of Life, only you have shown us the path to eternal life. Thank you for your assurance that we will live, even after our death, if we believe in you. Read John 11:25.
APRIL 5: Sweet Jesus, how I pray with heavy heart as you suffer unimaginable pain, humiliation and loneliness, while you fulfill the will of your Father. How unworthy I am of this unselfish, sacrificial love. Read Mark 15.
APRIL 6: Jesus, what am I to do now that your body is in the tomb? What am I waiting for? How can this emptiness inside me be filled? Help me know how to go where you have gone. What good are the guards now? Read Matthew 28:57-66.
APRIL 7: Dear Jesus, Holy Lord, I pray that my eyes are quick to open and recognize you in every area of life. Read Luke 24:13-30.
APRIL 8: Jesus, I thank you that you told Martha, "I am the resurrection and the life." Help me to believe that you have a plan for me, even when scary things are happening. Read John 11:25.
APRIL 9: Dear Jesus, just as you declared the act of anointing you with perfume as a "beautiful thing," help my actions today be beautiful in your sight. Read Mark 14:6.
APRIL 10: Dear Jesus, you told the disciples in the upper room that anyone who has faith in you will do greater things than you did here on earth. Help me to believe in you in ways that lead to me be brave enough to accomplish great things in your kingdom. Read John 14:12.
APRIL 11: Dear Jesus, just as you told Peter when he declared that he would never desert you no matter what, help me to recognize my own weaknesses and fallibilities, so I will watch and pray and not fall into temptation. Read Mark 14:38.
APRIL 12: Dear Jesus, I thank you that you didn't come down from the cross and save yourself, like the scoffers dared you to do, to prove that you were really the Son of God. Forgive me for the times I do things to prove to other people that they're wrong and I'm right. Read Mark 15:31-32.
APRIL 13: Dear Jesus, just as Joseph of Arimathea took your body and placed it in his own brand new tomb, help me to be willing to use the things I think are mine for your good purposes. Read Matthew 27:59-60.
APRIL 14: Jesus, just as your disciples began joyfully praising God for the miracles they had seen as you rode down the Mount of Olives, please open my eyes to the miracles I have seen you do in my life. Read Luke 19:37.
APRIL 15: Dear Jesus, just as during your appearance to the disciples after your resurrection you told them to stay where they were until they were clothed with power from on high, help me to stay in prayer and communion with you until I am clothed with your power to take the next step in my life. Read Luke 24:49.
APRIL 16: Jesus, you sat with the ill and welcomed a sinner who bathed you in perfume. I know I too am a sinner, and I lift what little I have to the glory of your name. Amen. Read Mark 14:3.
APRIL 17: King of glory, king of all, enter the gates of my heart. Turn my eyes and the intentions of my spirit now to the One who comes in your name. I thank you Lord, for sending your blameless Son to walk among us sinners, so as to teach us how to live and love in the bright beam of His light. Read Luke 19:28-43.
APRIL 18: Dear Lord, it was a dark hour during the Passover meal, the Last Supper with your disciples. Yet, the promise of resurrection loomed in the near future. I pray for grace to hold fast to the daily hope given by you, our risen Savior. Read Mark 14:17-28.
APRIL 19: Dear Jesus, Holy Christ, you alone are the Son of God, our Savior, our Atonement, the very sacrifice for our sins. Thank you for opening the way so that we may enter the Holy of Holies and seek God’s face. Read Mark 15:37-39.
APRIL 20: Jesus, know that just as Joseph of Arimathaea asked Pilate to take your body and show you the respect in death that you deserved in life, I pray when I pass, you will lift me from the hands of Satan to be with you in the glory of heaven. Read John 19:38.
APRIL 21: Jesus, the Resurrected One, what a glorious day! The tomb is empty. Our Christ and King has been resurrected as all the prophets had foretold. I have the assurance of eternal life because I know that you are the resurrected Son of God, who has conquered sin and death. Alleluia! Luke 24.