Preschool Programs

Alpharetta Methodist Preschool offers the following programs:

Age (by Sept. 1
of school year)

Program Offered

Monthly Tuition

Days Offered

18-23 Months 2-Day $155 Monday, Wednesday OR
Tuesday, Thursday
24-48 Months 2-Day $201 Monday, Wednesday OR
Tuesday, Thursday
29-36 Months 2-Day $201 Tuesday, Thursday
29-36 Months 3-Day $279 Monday, Wednesday, Friday
3 Years 2-Day $201 Tuesday, Thursday
3 Years 3-Day $279 Monday, Wednesday, Friday OR
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday OR
Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
3 Years 4-Day $340 Monday-Thursday
3 Years 5-Day $392 Monday-Friday
4 Years 3-Day $283 Monday, Wednesday, Friday
4 Years 4-Day $345 Monday-Thursday
4 Years 5-Day $397 Monday-Friday
5 Years 5-Half-Day
$474 Monday-Friday


Supervised Play (18-36 months)

Alpharetta Methodist Preschool believes that young children learn through “supervised play.” Play is a lot of fun, but it can also be hard work. During class time, your child will meet new friends, learn to share, make crafts, paint, build with blocks, play with toys, enjoy center time, be introduced to God, Jesus and the Bible, sing, learn to listen and follow directions, and much more. Regular classroom activities include story time, theme days, Bible stories, sing-alongs, arts and crafts, outside play, a mid-morning snack, and lunch for classes with children 24-36 months. 24-36 month classes also attend music class once a week.

Curriculum (3 years-kindergarten)

Children learn by doing. They learn through active play, as well as by observing what happens when they interact with materials and other people. Weekly themes help children learn about the world around them. Themes enable children to acquire information and concepts through meaningful activities that take place in each of the centers in the classroom. Children in our 3s classes have a weekly letter and monthly number, color and shape. The children in our 4s classes focus on the alphabet, how letters group together to form new sounds and words, sight words, numbers, math (including measurement, addition, and subtraction), science and handwriting. Both age levels have a monthly nursery rhyme. Each month, the teachers have specific skills they work on in the classroom. These skills build upon each other and help prepare the children for the next age level, whether it is the 4s, kindergarten, or 1st grade.

Our kindergarten program is designed to allow your child to smoothly transition into the public school’s 1st grade in reading, math, writing and science. At a minimum, our kindergarten follows the Georgia’s Common Core Performance Standards for Kindergarten, to ensure that each of our graduating kindergartners will be prepared for the next year, with at least the same knowledge base that children who attended public kindergarten have received.

All children (3s, 4s and kindergarten) attend a weekly chapel, a weekly music class and a weekly art class. 4s attend music twice each week. Kindergarten attends music once a week and P.E. once a week. Our 4s and kindergarteners also participate in a weekly hands-on science lab.