Preschool Notices

School closing information

School closings due to ice, snow, tornadoes and other inclement weather will generally be in accordance with Fulton County Schools closings. Please check with local radio/television for weather advisories and closings. If severe weather (for example, a tornado warning) occurs while Preschool and Kindergarten are in session, we will follow state guidelines for moving children to proper safety. We may also close our Preschool and Kindergarten due to an unexpected crisis, such as power failure, water main breaks, etc.

As soon as a decision has been made to close the Preschool and Kindergarten, the Alpharetta Methodist Communications Office publicizes the closure here and:


Other important announcements

From time to time during the school year, the AFUM Preschool and Kindergarten may issue special announcements for parents. Such announcements will be posted here.