Better Than a Kiss on the Lips

  • By Dr. Don Martin
  • Senior Pastor
  • November 14, 2014
I started going to church in the summer of 1972. Liz invited me to the Skyland Methodist Church to hear the crazy preacher who gave her a cross to keep in her pocket. She said she would sit with me, and I said yes because she was as beautiful as she was friendly. Linda helped with my decision to go as a guest to the church. I had persuaded her to go out on a date with me to Stone Mountain. I paddled the canoe all over the lake and bought a two topping pizza at the Pizza Hut. I was confident I had earned a kiss on the lips, but I got something from her even better. She gave me a Bible. First one I ever held in my life. She said, "I really like you. I wish you would read this." I read the entire New Testament before the leaves were off the trees. I met Christ in those books. Doug helped too. He asked me if I was a Christian. I could tell he was a Christian, but I honestly couldn't say what in the world I was. "Lost" is the way I would put it in a single word. I wasn't "bad." I was really pretty "good" if you just went to Webster and asked. So, I sat down on a rock in the backyard of our home on Surrey Lane and reached out to God. Dang if he didn't reach right back to me, which started me in Christ's direction and changed everything. We are moving into a season of the year when God and Christ move to the front burner on the stove. People become grateful as we gather with family and friends at Thanksgiving tables. Or we gather missing someone who has died or moved away. We wonder. Christmas bells start ringing. Choirs begin singing, and church becomes a destination. People long for a word from God. You might make a huge difference in someone's life by doing what seems barely a trifle. Invite someone to worship. Give someone a Bible. Ask someone about their faith, and be ready to share your own story. Generally speaking, this is how people find Christ.