All Prayed Up

  • By Dr. Don Martin
  • Senior Pastor
  • March 13, 2015
I will be preaching this Sunday about “What Happened to Jesus” during the last week of his life. I will focus on the trial Jesus endured before the Jewish court late Thursday evening and the second trial early Friday morning by Pontius Pilate. I am amazed at the clarity and composure Jesus displayed through this horrid ordeal. How did he do it? The simple answer is prayer. Jesus had been training for this moment in his life the way Olympic athletes train for a race. His entire life was built on the foundation of prayer. He spent his life talking with and listening to his Father in heaven. He did this without totally disengaging from the happenings of the day. He ate and drank with sinners, taught in the synagogue and took time to help people in need. But he did disengage from everyone and everything on a regular basis to enter into prayer. He intentionally found a way to be by himself so he could be completely with God. Open any gospel and read for a few minutes, and you will find this to be true. The disciples were feverishly trying to find Jesus to get the day started, only to discover that Jesus started his day in prayer. Jesus sent the disciples across the Sea of Galilee while he stayed behind to pray. The mysterious moment of transfiguration happened while Jesus was praying on a mountain with Peter, John and James. Jesus was praying as he was baptized. Jesus told Simon Peter that he had been in prayer for him in the hours preceding his trail. John’s gospel is full of prayers Jesus spoke aloud for our benefit, and he took the time to teach about prayer and even how and what to pray. So when Jesus found himself before Caiaphas and Pontius Pilate, he was prayed up and had a full tank of gas. Most of us tend to run on fumes. We stay too busy. We stay on our digital devices. We stay tuned in to everybody and everything and forget God. Sometimes Christians get sidetracked thinking that they can become a good person without becoming God’s person. The first commandment is to love God. All others follow in its wake. All you need to do to start your life of prayer is take the time. Take time every day. Stay connected to God. Disengage and get by yourself and learn that underneath you are the everlasting arms. You will learn that God is your friend who wants to help you. Talk to God about what matters most to you. Be quiet and still and listen. I promise you that God is listening. Miracles will happen. Don’t fret if you don’t get the answer you want, because God will bring himself into your life -- which just happens to be what all of us need the very most. And when you find yourself in a season or moment of trial, you’ll be amazed at the strength you’ve gained and the composure that will be your own.