Food & Fellowship

The Food & Fellowship group is made up of energetic, active, young-at-heart adults who meet, work, sing, play, serve and travel together. Food & Fellowship meets on the second Tuesday of each month (except July) in the Student Center for a free lunch and an informative, entertaining program. All senior adults and guests are welcome.

Tuesday, Nov. 12
12 p.m.
Student Center Chapel

In November, we’ll have two special speakers. Darby Tracey, of Senior Provisions, will talk about the power of gratitude — how gratitude and daily thankfulness are not only good for your spirit and mind, but can improve your health, too! And Jeana Fortenberry, of Family Private Care Services, will lead the group in laughter yoga. No worries, you can stay in your seats and enjoy this new kind of therapy.

On the menu: Chicken corn chowder, ham and cheese sandwiches, tossed salad and dessert.

For more information about Food & Fellowship, please contact Tammy Allison.