A 24/7 Way

  • By Jay Barr
  • Minister of Connections
  • March 27, 2015
Sometimes it's hard to drive by a RaceTrac. In the sleepy-eyed fog of morning, there's nothing like a quart of English toffee cappuccino. And I'm not too proud for roller food -- a one-buck quarter-pound hot dog, personally and expertly crafted at that fixin's bar -- quietly whispers my name. Once in awhile, I even pull into a RaceTrac because I'm out of gas. But there are times I can drive right by one. In fact, I bet the majority of the time I whiz on by without giving it a second thought. After all, it's a convenience store. And, most of the time, it's just not convenient. About two millennia ago, people waved palm fronds and threw down their overcoats because a man they wanted as their king was riding into Jerusalem. Less than a week later, they were demanding capital punishment for trumped-up legal charges. You see, they had hoped that he would kick out the occupying oppressors. Restore the sovereignty of the nation of Israel. Maybe bring justice and some economic equity to replace unfair tax levies and social caste systems. But none of that was working out. It wasn't what he was talking about. So he was no longer convenient, and they cast him aside. It's easy to follow a God of convenience. One who is there when we need him but quietly on the shelf with that dusty Bible when we don't. I can pull in for a quick fix or I can drive by -- it's my choice. But what if the way of love is always the right way? Not just when it suits me. What if it is The Way? That's what the early church called Christianity: The Way. Not just a Convenient Way. Or an Occasional Way. But The Way. A 24/7 Way. What if the way of love is The Way even when I don't feel like it? Even when I've been wronged? Even when it costs me something?
Shout your Hosannas and wave your palm branches at the beginning of Holy Week this Sunday, but consider how this King who enters is not just a King of Convenience, but the King of Kings who is The Way. Let's live it together.