Daily Dose – Miraculous Grace – June 29

“So Paul and Barnabas spent a lot of time there. They spoke boldly for the Lord. He gave them the ability to do signs and wonders. In this way the Lord showed that they were telling the truth about his grace.” — Acts 14:3 NIRV



Paul and Barnabus spent a lot of time in the Iconium synagogue preaching with great power to the Jews and Greeks. Although both Jews and Gentiles believed, some of the nonbelieving Jews stirred up the crowd and tried to turn them against the believers. The story doesn’t lead them to some other town with new listeners who don’t turn against them, but they spend a lot more time with the people of Iconium. Even Paul and Barnabus weren’t expected to carry on in this situation on their own; God gave them his miraculous grace so they would have the ability to do signs and wonders. By Paul and Barnabus preaching backed with God’s miraculous grace, the people knew they spoke the truth about his grace.

God still performs signs every day. Miraculous grace is when Gods grace can be seen in unexpected and wonderful ways. Sometimes miraculous grace occurs through people such as Paul and Barnabus. Other times it feels more like miraculous grace is done for someone. Here is one story of miraculous grace at work in my life.

On a car trip from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon, my oldest daughter, who was only four, knelt to pray for a rainbow. In a matter of minutes, a dark cloud started approaching us over the desert. With lots of sunshine all around as the rain fell from this cloud, it formed a beautiful double rainbow. You know when Bruce Almighty finds the beads that he threw in the ocean; he says to God “Now you’re just showing off.” This next part was God just showing off, but I sure love it when God shows off like this. When we got to the Grand Canyon, there were big dark clouds looming over the canyon but still no rain on us. From the clouds came forth another double rainbow that continued on down into the canyon.

A 270° double rainbow that extends into the Grand Canyon is definitely a sign of God’s miraculous grace. I know that all miracles don’t come soon after praying for them or with such obvious direct response, but how many miracles of grace occur in our lives that we just ignore?

Can you see the rainbows or other wonders in your life? Take a minute to ponder the miraculous grace that you have been given.

Mary Lefebvre