Homeschoolers of Alpharetta

Thank you so much for your interest in Homeschoolers of Alpharetta. We are an open organization with members from the community of Alpharetta, North Fulton, and surrounding areas. Homeschoolers of Alpharetta is a ministry of Alpharetta First United Methodist Church and is a Christian organization that upholds the Christian lifestyle and beliefs, but we welcome families who do not currently share our faith.

Our group began in 2003, and our purpose is to encourage families who homeschool in our community and provide fun activities for homeschooled children.

Please email Deedee Muhlbauer with your questions about Homeschoolers of Alpharetta.

Our purpose is to encourage and support all homeschooling families within our community of Alpharetta, North Fulton, and surrounding areas as a ministry of Alpharetta First United Methodist Church.

Our mission is to provide field trips, parties, special events, service projects and other opportunities for homeschooled children to socialize. We also provide opportunities for moms to share in their homeschooling journey through Mom’s Night Out and an email loop.

Application and Enrollment

Before joining we ask that families attend park day or a field trip. We want you to make sure Homeschoolers of Alpharetta is a good fit for you and your family. Once you decide to join, application for membership is made annually and is valid from August through the end of the following July. In order to be placed on the email loop, you must officially join the group.


Application for membership will be made annually to HA and runs August 1 through July 31.

  1.  Fill out the application and pay your membership dues. Annual dues are $20.
  2. Alpharetta First UMC is a safe sanctuary so all adults working with children on the church campus are required to attend a Child Youth Protection training event and complete a background check. Each year you will have to review the requirements for working with the children but will not need a background check after the initial one is complete.
  3. Members are required to coordinate three activities each year: a field trip, party or special event, hangout or service project. Even though each family is only required to coordinate three activities, our group is small so in order to have events every Friday, we need all families to coordinate more than three activities.

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